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Effectively Reach Your Ideal Market in Tacoma + The 253

Stop Wasting $$ on Marketing  |  Build Trust in Your Brand  |  Grow Your Reach in Hard-To-Reach Communities Locally 

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Are You Wasting a Ton of Money on Marketing?

  • You don't have an effective local marketing strategy to reach your ideal customers
  • People don't understand exactly what you have to offer and what makes your business unique
  • You want more customers who appreciate quality work, not just the lowest price
  • Your marketing feels like a bottomless money pit and you're not sure you're targeting your ideal market
  • You're not confident that your marketing is working
  • You are wasting precious dollars on fad marketing programs that don't actually attract the market you want
If so, you need access to our hyper-local marketing program that will promote your business as a trusted community partner they can trust.
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All The Tools You Need To Reach Affluent Neighborhoods in Tacoma + the 253

Our proven local marketing program will pull your business out of obscurity and into the forefront, inviting your ideal customers into a trusted relationship with your brand. Not only will you reach more influential homeowners in tough-to-reach communities, but customers will start thinking of you and your business as a trusted friend and resource helping them on their journey.

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Your Plan to Create Local Marketing that Actually Works

  1. Get Access to the finer details of our program by booking a free consultation with our Owner and Chief Marketing Advocate, Mike Skiff.
  2. Meet with Mike and discover your ideal markets locally.
  3. If our program matches your ideal markets, we will craft a targeted marketing plan to effectively and efficiently reach them.
  4. Never waste another dollar on ineffective local marketing.
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Meet Your Guide

Mike Skiff is our "Chief Marketing Advocate" and has owned a local business in Tacoma since 2015. He believes local business is essential and is passionate about bringing the very best businesses into the spotlight. He's helped several hundred local businesses build trust in the community, reach their ideal markets, and grow their revenue.

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Our Unique Marketing Platform

Niche Print + Digital ReMarketing + Social Connections = Effective Local Marketing

Niche Print

Residents of our communities freely share personal stories, celebrate achievements, and offer advice through a trusted medium that evokes a real sense of privacy – our exclusive print publications written by and for the residents who live there. Kinda like Facebook in print.

Digital Remarketing

In addition to our hyper-local print publications, advertisers connect with their ideal clients through our social media ad services. With each traditional print ad, a custom digital ad is also created – strategically remarketing the business to the same exclusive group of residents via Facebook and Instagram.

Business Spotlight

We help our clients tell their story and humanize their business through a feature story all about their business. This helps build trust in their brand, so when our readers have a need for their service, they are top of mind and in their consideration set.  

This is published both in print, and online.

Social Connections

Connect with your ideal market personally rather than just advertising at them through our social events. Our social events are lighthearted and fun. Events like Wine tastings, restaurant reviews, and resident happy hours within the neighborhood.

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Clients + Success Stories


Nic Lind - Commencement Bay Brokers

"Working with Mike and N2 Publishing has been a very positive piece of our community and relationship-based marketing.  We love the quality of the product and the credibility it brings to our brand.  But Mike and Historic Living are much more than ad space, because  he is attentive, and a connector, and working together has opened the door to new relationships which have greatly benefited our team’s relationship and referral base."

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Start Here -- Book a Free Marketing Consult with Mike

You've been in business for a while. You've seen everything under the sun when it comes to marketing. I get it... as a fellow small business owner and marketing expert, here's my personal guarantee to you: 

  • I realize that time is money. I promise not to waste yours or mine. We'll know within 15 minutes whether or not our program is a good fit.
  • Whether we end up working together or not, I approach all meetings as a consultation first, not a sales call. I promise to bring value to you and your business and you'll walk away with solid marketing advice either way. 
  • If we agree that it makes sense to work together, I promise to work with you to find a budget-friendly option that gives you the very best exposure in our communities.
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