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Meet Giampaolo Falchetti and Kathryn Philbrook - Owners of Crudo & Cotto

Being a neighborhood restaurant during an unprecedented time has actually been a benefit. The community has truly embraced them as part of the neighborhood... As we interviewed Kathryn and Giampaolo it became abundantly clear what the main ingredient is that makes everything delicious: love...


Meet Auburn VW Owner + Tacoma Native Matt Welch

We had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Welch of Auburn VW this past Spring of 2020. In the midst of business shut-downs in response to COVID-19, listen in as Matt shares encouragement for other businesses and members of our community...


Talking Shop with Mike Skiff

The Definitive Local Podcast for All Things Tacoma + The 253!
Supporting local business is essential. On this show, we spotlight local businesses, people, and places that make the greater Tacoma community truly remarkable. Listen to the latest episodes and Subscribe to receive the very latest, delivered directly to your email inbox.

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Local Business Directory

We've interviewed thousands of local businesses in Tacoma and put together our very best recommendations in our Local Business Directory. COMING SOON...

Local Businesses - Reach Your Ideal Market 

With a fresh and unique approach to advertising, we help local businesses in Tacoma, Fircrest, and University Place reach their ideal market personally. Our program goes far beyond simply advertising at the community. Through our hyper-local print publications, social media re-targeting, and in-person social events, our sponsors are not viewed as solicitors, but community supporters and a true fabric of the community.

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